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Speak up!

What can we do? Jane Goodall believes there is hope. But, we all must take action—and speak up! Malala Yousafzal says, “We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.”

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Hope or disaster?

If the earth continues on it current warming trajectory, the average six-year-old will experience three times as many climate disasters as their grandparents. A new study predicts these children will see twice as many wildfires, more than three times more river floods and 36 times the number of heat waves as someone born in 1960. […]

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I heard an interview with the author Anthony Dorr recently, and he referred to an old saying that is worth repeating. “Habits are cobwebs at first, cables at last.” –Joy

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Who’s to blame?

Cecile Richards places blame for Texas’ new restrictive abortions law on the state’s Republican leadership and Governor Greg Abbott. “This is not what Texans want, and that’s what I think is so important because, of course, as a Texan I try to explain to people what you are seeing happen here is not because of […]

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Don’t worry

My friend says that we should live for today—and not worry too much about tomorrow. Live in the moment. As Charles Schulz said, “Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.” –Joy

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All shall be well

My book club just read Sue Monk Kidd’s book The Book of Longings, and this is my favorite quote from the book. “When I tell you all shall be well, I don’t mean that life won’t bring you tragedy. Life will be life. I mean only you will be well in spite of it. All […]

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They were clueless

In Susan Page’s biography, Nancy Pelosi tells about women’s struggles to be heard in Washington—especially in the early years after she was elected to the House in 1987. In the early 1990s, there were a few women in the House. These women met with a group of Democrats once a week for dinner and conversation. […]

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The dreams of a grandmother

Big Nancy—the mother of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi—wanted to go to law school. In fact, when three of her children were in school and she had only two at home, she enrolled in law school. However, when several of her sons developed whooping cough—a dangerous disease at the time, her dream ended. Nancy […]

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Standing for DACA

In 2018, Nancy Pelosi took advantage of a House rule that allows the Speaker to talk for “one magic minute.” As long as she keeps speaking and doesn’t take a break, she can keep going as long as she keeps standing. Nancy gave the longest filibuster-style speech in the House in at least a century. […]

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Wonderful and terrible

There are good days and bad days. It turns out that yesterday was not a good day. I realized that I can see better with my old glasses than I can see with my new glasses with a new prescription. My husband Jerry is still ill. I found out that my neighbor has leukemia. I […]

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