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Let them be sea captains

“We would have every arbitrary barrier thrown down,” said Margaret Fuller, writer and women’s rights advocate, who was born in 1810. “We would have every path laid open to women as freely as to men. If you ask me what offices they may fill, I reply—any. I do not care what case you put; let […]

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Small things

When I read about Mother Teresa being named a saint, I remembered one of my favorite quotes. “Not all of us can do great things. Bu we can do small things with great love,” Mother Teresa said. She also said: * Peace begins with a smile.” * “If you judge people, you have no time […]

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Late for a TV interview

Fayteen and I were headed for an interview with Suzie Humphreys on The Broadcast on KTXD Channel 47. And we were a little nervous, especially because we were late. It was snowing in Dallas on Wednesday last week. There was just a light flutter of snow flakes, but already there were a few icy patches […]

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What’s new?

Fayteen came racing into my office and demanded: “Read this.” As I read the e-mail message about a book that offers “secrets” for success, Fayteen kept talking. “Is this the same thing that we’re saying in our book? What are we saying that’s different?” The book discusses some important topics—how you can change by establishing […]

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Are you a Resolute Woman?

Of course, you are. We all have been resolute—even though some of us have perfected being resolute more than others. Remember when you first learned to walk? When you first learned to walk, you were resolute. You pulled yourself up and were happy just to stand, unsteadily, holding on to a chair. You took a […]

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