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What is good, right and just

I am blessed to have friends who are strong, independent women, and this year they gave me birthday presents about other strong, independent women. I received a Ruth Bader Ginsburg mug and two RBG pins, a book of paintings by Emily Carr and a beautiful book of photos of Michelle Obama—Chasing Light by Amanda Lucidon. […]

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Draw deeply from the earth

Emily Carr, one of Canada’s most celebrated artists, created stunning paintings of trees, ravens and mountains. “Draw deeply from the good nourishment of the earth but rise into the glory of the light and air and sunshine,” she wrote in her journal. I found that quote in the introduction to Emily Carr Collected. –Joy

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A lone old tree

Emily Carr, born in 1871, captured the grandeur of British Columbia in her paintings. I had never heard of this wonderful artist until my friend Eva sent me the book Emily Carr Collected for my birthday. How wonderful to have good friends who introduce you to new artists and new ideas and new adventures! Carr […]

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Five more years!

The editorial cartoon by Chan Lowe, first published on July 30, 2018, shows Ruth Bader Ginsburg sitting in her big Supreme Court chair with a gavel and her nameplate in front of her. Printed at the top of the cartoon: “Three little words that will drive your conservative friends nuts…” And, below, Justice Ginsburg announces: […]

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Great minds think alike

If great minds think alike, then so do good friends. My friend Leslie sent me two Ruth Bader Ginsburg pins for my birthday, and my friend Carolyn send me an RBG mug. The mug sports an illustration of the Supreme Court justice and an RBG quote. “Women belong in all places where decisions are being […]

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My favorite presents

Having birthdays isn’t so bad when you can grow older with lots of good friends. My very good friend Leslie sent me three wonderful presents. One is a pin that shows a small Supreme Court building and the number “9.” Remember when someone asked Ruther Bader Ginsburg, “When will there be enough women on the […]

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Don’t mess with Texas women

I am the proud owner of a poster from the Women’s March in Austin in January 2017. It features a woman’s leg with a red cowgirl boot squashing an elephant and proclaims: “Don’t Mess with Texas Women.” Fortunately, I was able to get two posters at the march—one for me and one for my daughter […]

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Bette Graham—overlooked no more

The New York Times just published an obituary of Bette Graham, who invented Liquid Paper, “the correction fluid that relieved secretaries and writers around the world from the pressure of perfection.” Bette Graham died in 1980. However, her obituary is part of the newspaper’s Overlooked program. Since 1851, The New York Times explains, its obituaries […]

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Take what you want

“Women have been trained in our culture and society to ask for what we want instead of taking what we want…,” says Ava DuVernay, director of A Wrinkle in Time and Selma. “It’s unfortunate, and it has somehow become part of our DNA. But that time has passed.” Ava DuVernay will speak in Dallas on […]

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Be someone

“A woman should be someone, not something,” Marry Cassatt once said.

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