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The marriage that made a president

Betty Boyd Carroli, in her book Lady Bird and Lyndon—The Hidden Story of a Marriage that Made a President, concludes that Lyndon never would have succeeded as a senator or made it to the White House without the help of Lady Bird. Lady Bird Johnson was “an invaluable asset who served as sounding board, financial […]

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Be a bit bendy

Lucy, Tess’ mother, gives her daughter advice about marriage. “Sometimes I look back and think, goodness me, we took our feelings so seriously,” says Lucy in Liane Moriarity’s book The Husband’s Secret. She’s talking about her marriage and why she divorced Tess’s father. “Everything was black-and-white. We got into our positions and that was that. […]

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Keep learning

Tess is forced to analyze what has happened to her relationship with her husband in Liane Moriarity’s book The Husband’s Secret. “It seemed to her everyone had too much self-protective pride to truly strip down to their souls in front of their long-term partners,” Tess thinks to herself. “It was easier to pretend that there […]

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No choice in the affair

What’s to happen now to Miss Morton since Edward is engaged to someone else? “We think now,” said Mr. Dashwood, after a short pause, “of Robert’s marrying Miss Morton.” If you’ve read Jane Austin’s Sense and Sensibility, published in 1811, you know that Robert is Edward’s brother. “The lady, I supposed, has no choice in […]

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A complicated marriage

Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt had “a complicated marriage,” concluded filmmaker Ken Burns when he talked to an audience in Dallas recently about his new PBS series The Roosevelts: An Intimate History. Burns paused just a minute for emphasis. Then, he smiled and added, “But, that’s redundant, isn’t it?”

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Words can be abusive, too

“He practically trailed me around the house from morning until night, calling out my shortcomings,” the author writes. “He had developed an obsession with knobs and handles. It seemed that I turned them too hard or not hard enough. I over tightened the knobs on the shower and stripped them. I didn’t turn the knobs […]

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What’s your married name?

For many women, their maiden name is the same as their married name. About 35 percent of married women in their 20s and 30s are keeping their own last names, according to a study by Facebook, a study we read about in the July 26, 2013, issue of The Week. That’s a big increase. Only […]

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The never-quite-satisfied

At the her brother’s wedding, the main character in Ann Packer’s short story Things Said and Done describes how, as a child, her father “conferred specialness” on her and how she “was to breathe only the rarefied air of the never-quite-satisfied.” It was, she concludes, not the best preparation for life or for her marriage. […]

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The wonderful extravagances of marriage

We talked about Sandra Cisneros and how she explains about family stories and connections in our last blog post. We also like Cisneros discussion of the “wonderful extravagances” of marriage in her novel Caramelo. After the “little grandfather” dies, his wife thinks about what she misses. “Everyone complains about marriage,” Cisneros writes to explain the […]

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More wisdom from a wedding

We shared a little wisdom from a wedding in our last blog post, and we have a little more wisdom from that same wedding to share in this blog post. The wedding included a poem by James Dillet Freeman, a Cherokee minister. We like these lines from “Blessing for a Marriage.” May you need one […]

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