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A decision to be happy

What’s happening to our country? The world is a mess. The news is depressing. I have decided to think about all the good things in my life. A perfect day in the park with my son Jay and his friend Rachel. Books—lots of books. A lovely lunch with friends. And more! I agree with Voltaire, […]

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All good things

“All good things are wild and free,” Thoreau once said.

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Good things in the world

“So often, a visit to a bookshop has cheered me, and reminded me that there are good things in the world,” Vincent van Gogh once said.

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Life is swell

“My life ain’t heaven, but it sure ain’t hell. I’m not on top, but I call it swell,” Maya Angelou once said. Maya, of course, says it better than I do. What I often say is: “Life isn’t perfect, but it is wonderful!” –Joy

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Oysters like honeydew

In Dallas, I dunk an oyster in red sauce before I plop it in my mouth and swallow it. All I taste is the red sauce. In Bellingham, Washington, I ate Stellar Bay oysters, which tasted meaty—and Kumamoto oysters, which tasted like cucumber and salt—and Shigoku oysters, which tasted like honeydew. A new experience! Another […]

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Traveling adventures

Of course, I didn’t get done everything I was supposed to get done before I left on my trip. Of course, everything will not go smoothly during my travels. And, of course, no matter, I will have a wonderful time. Trips are never perfect, but they are always an adventure, always fun. As Leonard Cohen […]

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The surprises of the day

I went to the Dallas Arboretum two days in a row last week—once with my friend Susie and again with my husband Jerry and our son Jay, who was home for Father’s Day. And, surprise! When I saw flowers the second day that I hadn’t noticed the first day, I remembered a line written by […]

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Summer flowers and storms

It’s summer in Dallas, and yesterday I visited the Dallas Arboretum. It is bright and happy, filled with colorful flowers. The arboretum is beautiful now even though it was closed for a couple of days earlier this week because of storm damage. May your summer be filled with more flowers than storms. –Joy

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Keep reading

I love this quote! “If you are going to get anywhere in life, you have to read a lot of books,” Roald Dahl once said. Books certainly have taken me on lots of adventures and to lots of places. –Joy

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I could still be amazed

In his book The Frozen Leopard, Aaron Latham explains that it was a “rainy season” in his soul. Seeking a cure for his depression, Latham goes to Africa. There he watches a giraffe and writes, “I felt giddy and elated. Most of all, I was amazed to relearn an old lesson that I had all […]

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