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Friends and happiness

My friends make me happy. “I count myself in nothing else so happy/ As in a soul remembering my good friends,” Shakespeare once said. –Joy

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What do you need to be happy? In his book, Endurance, Alfred Lansing writes about Earnest Shackleton and his 28-man crew, who were stranded in an island of ice in the Antarctica for 17 months in 1914 and 1915. With little food—and without cell phones! Lansing remarks about Dr. Alexander Macklin’s “good humor.” Dr. Macklin […]

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What is happiness? According to the experts interviewed for an article in the January 16/January 23 issue of Time magazine, happiness is a “cocktail” of ingredients—a sense of control and autonomy over one’s life, being guided my meaning and purpose, and connecting with others. How do you define happiness?

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Keep laughing

My husband Jerry and I both have COVID. Yikes! This is not the best way to start the new year, but we are getting better and we are taking care of each other. And, we’re still smiling—and laughing. Laugh a lot. That’s my Resolution #3. As Victor Hugo says, “Laughter is sunshine. It chases winter […]

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Pleasant and peaceful

Merry Christmas! May you experience many pleasant and peaceful moments today and tomorrow.

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Wonderful, but not perfect

Families are never perfect. Holidays are never perfect. The world is not perfect. This holiday season, I am going to enjoy my wonderful, but not perfect, family, and I am going to have a wonderful, but not perfect, holiday. –Joy

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They give me joy

I returned from a trip and then welcomed company who arrived just a couple of days later. Finally, this morning, I went for my morning walk again–following the path in my neighborhood that I have taken for more than 30 years. Even though I enjoyed my travels and my guest very much, it was delightful […]

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Friends are ribbons

I just made a new friend. I can’t think of anything better than making a new friend—except maybe a visit with an old friend. “Friends are the ribbons that wrap the gift of our everyday lives,” says Mary Anne Radmacher, author and artist. –Joy

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Happy autumn!

Yesterday, I found a leaf in my neighbor’s yard. She is gone for a few days; so, I stole it. It’s the first leaf of autumn I’ve found. It is mostly brown, but part of it is a rich orange. The first leaf of autumn! And, there will be many more. I was reminded of […]

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Autumn flowers and pumpkins

I had lunch at the Dallas Arboretum, where the autumn flowers, yellow and orange and purple, are blooming—and pumpkins are being stacked in piles. By September 17, the arboretum will display 100,000 pumpkins, gourds and squash. I enjoyed my lunch and a leisurely walk with a friend, and I was reminded of a quote by […]

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