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Talk less. Listen more.

Todd Davis reminds us of the importance of listening in his book Get Better—15 Proven Practices to Build Effective Relationships at Work. “One of the most profound gifts you can give another human being is your sincere understanding,” he writes. “To do so requires clearing away your mental clutter, suspending (at least temporarily) your agenda […]

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What does love look like?

Matt de La Pena wrote a children’s book titled Love. He wants his child to know there is more to the world than the divisiveness he sees every time he turns on the television, he told The Dallas Morning News in an interview for its January 21, 2018, issue. Every page shows visual examples of […]

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I am wealthy

On Valentine’s Day, I will be thankful for my husband—and my children—and for my big circle of friends and family. “I am wealthy in my friends,” Shakespeare once wrote. And, I am wealthy because I count many of my family members as friends, too. And, many of my friends are like family! –Joy

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What a privilege

“When you arise in the morning, think what a privilege it is to be alive—to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” What a great quote from Marcus Aurelius. Valentine’s Day is coming. It’s time to show how much you love your family and friends.

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Minor problems

It’s a family tradition. When the four of us visit Eureka Springs, we check into our cabin in the afternoon, visit a favorite restaurant—and then stop at the grocery store for supplies. Stopping at the grocery store always takes longer than expected. I pick out the mustard for sandwiches, but Jay puts it back and […]

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The Three Ts

Dana Suskind lists the three Ts for interacting with a child in her book Thirty Million Words—tune in, talk more and take turns. I think her three Ts apply to successful interaction with children and adults. Here is Suskind’s brief explanation. “In order for the necessary serve-and-return of conversational interaction to be successful, there has […]

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No cell service

While we were in Maine, my daughter sent us a text message with a photo of our dog, Ginger—who was happy staying with Mary Elizabeth. She didn’t miss us at all. I tried to reply, but I was in a cabin on a lake with lousy cell service. I finally wrote: “I have not had […]

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Advice from a lobster

“Don’t be shellfish,” proclaims my “Advice from a Lobster” t-shirt from Maine. I followed that advice while we were on vacation—except when I was eating my blueberry pie. I was selfish when I picked the biggest piece. My lobster t-shirt also suggests: • Don’t get yourself in hot water. • Be a good catch. • […]

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Why are you unhappy?

I have a tendency to be happy and optimistic a lot of the time. My mother was usually a happy person. But, I also sometimes have a tendency to be negative and depressed. My father had a tendency to be negative and discouraged. “Unhappiness is an avocation,” says Margo Jefferson, author of Negroland: A Memoir. […]

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Happy Fourth of July!

Remember why we celebrate this holiday—and be sure to eat some ice cream! Here’s a gift–part of a poem–by Nikki Giovanni. One of the reasons I like this poem is that we always ate homemade ice cream on the Fourth of July when I was a child. Usually it was peach ice cream. Joy I […]

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