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All shall be well

It’s December. I made fudge, and, since I won’t be seeing my children this holiday season, I am mailing them fudge. It is December—a season of hope and love and joy—even during a pandemic. “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well,” Julian of Norwich once […]

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The language of the unheard

“In the final analysis,” Martin Luther King once said, “a riot is the language of the unheard. And, what is it that America has failed to hear?”

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I’ll admit it. The person I am staying-in-place with sometimes irritates me. However, I smiled, when a friend reminded me: “The person irritating you may be the person you are irritating.” –Joy

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A friend calls to see how I am doing. A stranger gives me a warm smile when I take my afternoon walk. My husband shares a joke he has just read while we fix dinner together. These acts of kindness lift my spirit, and I am reminded of Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem “Kindness.” Before you […]

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Remembering Tomie de Paola

My son Jay, who just got married, is 30, but I will always remember the day a long time ago when we met Tomie de Paola at a Dallas bookstore. Jay was impressed because he liked de Paola’s book The Art Lesson, which tells how the author received a box of 64 crayons for his […]

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Postpone it

There was supposed to be a shower for Rachel, my son Jay’s bride-to-be, today, March 28, a couples’ shower on April 25 and a wedding on May 30. Now all of the wedding celebrations have been canceled/postponed. Jay and Rachel will get married today—March 28, 2020—in Tulsa with Rachel’s parents attending, but standing six feet […]

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Be kind

My husband Jerry reminds me that we are not quarantined. We just are practicing social distancing. We are not going anywhere or having contact with anyone until there is no danger from the coronavirus.. It’s the two of us and our dog Jack together in our house—for who knows how long. One day a week […]

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Friends and family

I have friends that I consider family. That’s wonderful, says Lydia Denworth, author of Friendship: The Evolution, Biology and Exraordinary Power of Life’s Fundamental Bond. “In this new science and in fact the way we live our lives, those lines are blurred. I think of friendship now as a template for all your relationships….It makes […]

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Reminders of friends and family

On my desk I have a coaster that my friend Ranna gave me. On the bookshelves behind my desk I have an owl that my friend Eva made for me and some of the artwork that my children made years ago. Jeanne Marie Lakas in an article in The New York Times Magazine shares a […]

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Happy Galantine’s!

Valentine’s Day is for celebrating the special person you love—and also all of the special people you love—family and friends. That’s why I like Galantine’s Day—celebrating women friends. “Friends are the siblings God didn’t give you,”  someone once said. –Joy

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