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“I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, if not in principle,” Jane Austen once said. Because I found a copy of Jane Austen’s Emma on my bookshelf and I’m reading it again, I decided to share some favorite Jane Austen quotes. –Joy

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The perfect diet

Yikes! That’s what I have to say about this email message that showed up recently in my inbox: “Join thousands of people who already are living a better life. We have created the perfect and 100 percent working diet solution.” Of course, I wish there was a perfect diet. But I am skeptical of any […]

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Free from family?

Her brother Nath was ready to leave his family and go away to college—“to start over as a new person with a new life.” It’s “just a problem of geography,” he thought, “with the confidence of someone who had never yet tried to free himself of family.” Most of us, like Nath, a character in […]

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Get started

Every morning when the alarm goes off, I hesitate a minute. And, then I tell myself: “Get up and do your exercises!” I do them. Every morning. Even when I would much prefer to be sleeping a bit longer. Soon, I’m finished. I’ve learned that I need to do my exercises immediately—as soon as I […]

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Everything comes and goes

George Saunders writes about Abraham Lincoln, ghosts and life in his new book Lincoln in the Bardo. “We know the truth of life, which is that everything comes and goes; everything is conditional,” Saunders told The Dallas Morning News. “So, how do you make a joyful, productive life in the face of that knowledge?”

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Nevada may pass the ERA

Nevada may vote soon to become the 36th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. But the vote would be a little late. The deadline to ratify the amendment ended in 1982 with 35 states in favor of the ERA. That wasn’t enough. The Constitution requires 38 states—or three-quarters of all states—to ratify an amendment. […]

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Together we persist

That was the headline on an email message that we received from Wendy Davis, who ran for governor in Texas and lost. Losing an election didn’t stop Wendy from taking action and fighting for the causes she believes in. She was writing to tell us about a nonprofit called Deeds Not Words. Recently, the nonprofit […]

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What makes you angry?

My mother used to say that you can tell the size of a person by what makes him or her angry. I thought about that quote recently when I got very angry at someone at the post office. I didn’t yell, but I felt like yelling. I wasn’t really all that angry at the post […]

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Non-fat woman walking

Judge Bailey Moseley, who sits on the Texas Sixth District Court of Appeals, posted this “joke” on his Facebook page: “After just one day in office, Trump managed to achieve something that no one else has been able to do. He got a million fat women out walking.” I am one non-fat woman who marched […]

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Hope is left to us

I have been depressed by the election results—so depressed that I resorted to eating chocolate for three days. But marching in the Women’s March in Austin improved my spirits. I took action! And I am going to continue to take action. I have made a goal of writing at least one letter to my representatives […]

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