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A single thing in nature

My brother James and his wife Jeany have 14 turkeys on their nine acres in New Mexico. That 14 includes five babies and one mother about to give birth. I never knew that turkeys could be so beautiful, so elegant until I saw these turkeys. They are a beautiful part of nature. As John Muir […]

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Moments to remember

I am trying to remember what we did each day during our vacation in Bellingham, but the days are jumbled together in my mind. I remember sitting on a picnic table near the water while we ate pastries for breakfast, eating Polish crepes and pierogies at Magdalena’s in Fairhaven and watching a man fly 67—yes, […]

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A blue sky

Last month, we traveled to New Mexico—home of the big, blue sky. There, in a great bookstore, I found an interesting children’s book Big Words for Little Geniuses by Susan and James Patterson, and, in the book, I found a lovely quote. “Empyreal means heavenly, like the enchanting blue color of the sky on a […]

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Beauty and dignity

Qian Julie Wang, author of Beautiful Country, reports that her mother told her “that a woman could be beautiful without being pretty, but that a woman could not be beautiful without having dignity.”

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Hope for Texas?

Yikes! Sometimes when we read about what the Texas legislature is doing, we wonder if we should move to another state. However, the bluebonnets are blooming. Maybe there’s some hope for Texas!? It was Lady Bird Johnson who once said, “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” –Joy

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Happy Easter! Happy spring!

Not everyone celebrates Easter, of course. But, we all should celebrate spring. “Let there be hope and blessings like blossoms in springtime!” I am not sure where I found that quote, but I like it—a lot. –Joy

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Birthdays are okay

Miss Manners says it’s okay to grow older. In the January 31, 2023, issue of The Dallas Morning News, Miss Manners comments: “It is surely one of the silliest prejudices in modern society that growing older is considered so unfortunate a condition that it is supposed to be a compliment to pretend that it did […]

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They give me joy

I returned from a trip and then welcomed company who arrived just a couple of days later. Finally, this morning, I went for my morning walk again–following the path in my neighborhood that I have taken for more than 30 years. Even though I enjoyed my travels and my guest very much, it was delightful […]

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A second spring

We have been in a cabin on a hill in Eureka Springs. We have searched for fall leaves—and we have found a few orange and red and yellow leaves. However, the leaves are just beginning to turn. No matter, we are delighted when we see one or two. They are beautiful. As Camus once said, […]

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Happy autumn!

Yesterday, I found a leaf in my neighbor’s yard. She is gone for a few days; so, I stole it. It’s the first leaf of autumn I’ve found. It is mostly brown, but part of it is a rich orange. The first leaf of autumn! And, there will be many more. I was reminded of […]

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