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A pandemic diet

Lose weight fast! It’s easy. Results guaranteed! When we took our canine companion Jack to the veterinarian last September, we got bad news. Jack, our Brittany, weighed 55.1 pounds. That was too much Dr. Merrill announced. She told us exactly how many calories Jack should eat every day. We checked the nutrient information on Jack’s […]

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Happy Birthday, Jane Goodall

Yesterday—April 3, 2020—was Jane Goodall’s 86th birthday. Happy Birthday to an amazing woman! Goodall still works tirelessly to protect chimpanzees and other animals—and our environment. This is one of my favorite Jane Goodall quotes. “Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.”

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Female-female alliances

When Ashley Judd studied at Harvard, her favorite course was Gender Violence, Law and Social Justice, taught by Diane Rosenfield. The class learned about bonobo apes, “who over the course of evolution have eliminated male sexual coercion in their communities. If a male does get aggressive toward a female bonobo, she lets out a special […]

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Softening my life

After our dog Ginger died, my brother James and his wife Jeany sent us a card with these words: “Dogs love us unconditionally, softening our lives with sweetness and affection.” I love those words “softening our lives.” It’s easier to feel calm when you’re sitting next to a dog. It’s lovely when your dog runs […]

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Good-bye, Ginger

Our dog Ginger died. She had a tumor in her bladder in the worst spot possible. Our vet told us last summer that surgery was not an option. We took good care of Ginger. We took her outside frequently when she had to pee more and more frequently. My husband Jerry did most of the […]

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Want to live to be 200?

If you want to live longer, you might follow the example of the Greenland shark. A new study in Science reported on 28 Greenland sharks that are 200 years or older, making them the planet’s longest-lived vertebrate. These sharks don’t eat every day. In fact, they might just have a big meal once or twice […]

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Lessons from Ginger, my canine friend

Ginger, my faithful companion, who is sleeping now on the dog bed next to my desk, turned 11 last month. Despite her old age, she bolted out the back door yesterday, sure that this would finally be her lucky day and she would catch a squirrel. “She’s still frisky,” Dr. Allison Merrill, our veterinarian, told […]

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Thanks for animal friends

I just read a good dog book—the heartwarming story about Haatchi and Little B. Haatchi is a big dog—an Anatolian shepherd—that was abused and then left for dead on railroad tracks. Little B., whose real name is Owen, is a boy who lives in England and has a rare genetic disorder. He had become anxious […]

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We’re thankful for family

We’re thankful for our families—including the canine members of our families. We like the words of poet Mary Oliver, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of a new book Dog Songs. “Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift. It is not the least reason why we should honor as […]

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A tribute to Roxie

Fayteen and her family are still grieving for their beloved dog, Roxie. Since Roxie died recently, we have been thinking about how much our animals teach us about life and love. They are always eager to greet us in the morning, always ready to sit quietly by our side, always ready to comfort us when […]

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