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Happy Birthday to Walt Whitman, who is celebrating his 200th birthday this year. “Resist much, obey little,” Whitman once said. He was a life-long abolitionist and also a proponent of women’s rights.

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Speak with certainty

When you have an opinion, don’t say “I think” or “I feel,” advises Connie Schultz, a Pulitizer-Prize winning columnist and professional in residence at Kent State University school of journalism. “Those throwaway phrases…telegraph uncertainty and give others permission to ignore us.” Be confident. Say what you mean—with certainty.

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Life’s light

“I will not allow my life’s light to be determined by the darkness around me,” Sojourner Truth once said. Sojourner Truth was born a slave and sold from her parents when she was nine years old. Even though she never learned to read or write, she dictated her autobiography. She traveled for many years as […]

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Beware my sting!

“If I be waspish, beware my sting!” That’s a quote from Katharina, a character in Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” the play I just saw in Vancouver. It’s also the quote on my new t-shirt. –Joy

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Traveling adventures

Of course, I didn’t get done everything I was supposed to get done before I left on my trip. Of course, everything will not go smoothly during my travels. And, of course, no matter, I will have a wonderful time. Trips are never perfect, but they are always an adventure, always fun. As Leonard Cohen […]

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Seat assignment?

I was packing for a trip to Vancouver when I noticed that we didn’t have seat assignments. And, then, when I tried to get assignments online, American Airlines wouldn’t let me. And, I tried to call American Airlines, and its computer told me that I needed to call back because the airline was receiving so […]

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Something particular and real

Mary Oliver, who died last month, wrote “often of mortality, but with a spirit of gratitude and completion,” her obituary stressed. The poet once wrote: When it’s over, I don’t want to wonder If I have made of my life something particular and real. I don’t want to find myself sighing and frightened, or full […]

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Live each day

“Live each day as if your life was just begun,” Goethe once said.

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This is your world

“I am out to sing songs that will prove to you that this is your world,” Woody Guthrie once said, “and that, if it has hit you pretty hard and knocked you for a dozen loops, no matter what color, what size you are, how you are built, I am out to sing the songs […]

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Advice from nature

“Wisdom branches from a tree,” suggests the Your True Nature company, which made my “Advice from a Lobster” t-shirt. And, here’s more advice from Your True Nature. • Inspiration flows from a stream. • The blueberry says: Be well-rounded. • The horse says: Be stable However, I like the advice “Wisdom branches from a tree” […]

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