The wonderful extravagances of marriage

We talked about Sandra Cisneros and how she explains about family stories and connections in our last blog post.

We also like Cisneros discussion of the “wonderful extravagances” of marriage in her novel Caramelo.

After the “little grandfather” dies, his wife thinks about what she misses.

“Everyone complains about marriage,” Cisneros writes to explain the grandmother’s sorrow, “but no one remembers to praise its wonderful extravagances, like sleeping next to a warm body, like sandwiching one’s feet with somebody else’s feet. To talk at night and share what has happened in a day. To put some order in one’s thoughts.”

In her book Why We Love, Dr. Helen Fisher identifies three types of love—sexual, romantic and deep attachment. How wonderfully extravagant if you have a marriage with all three.

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