Are you a supersurvivor?

A leukemia sufferer who won an Olympic gold medal. A blind man who rowed across the Atlantic. A woman who survived genocide in Rwanda.

These are some of the the supersurvivors whose stories are discussed in David Feldman and Lee Daniel Kravetz’s book Supersurvivors—The Surprising Link Between Suffering and Success.

What do these people have in common with us?

“Every one of us must play the cards we’ve been dealt,” Feldman and Kravetz conclude at the end of their book.

“As much as we might yearn for a life without pain, without suffering, without adversity, we realize we’re asking the impossible. We must make choices—sometimes difficult, sometimes easy—based on what life puts in front of us….

“Supersurvival isn’t a magic bullet that makes everything instantly better. It’s not something we do that solves all our problems forever. In a way, life is a constant process of supersurvival, of facing life’s seemingly impossible choices with honesty and faith in ourselves. It’s a capacity all of us share.

“It’s the capacity to hope.”

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