Self helpless

“Self helpless. You’re always one perfect advice book away from a much better you.”

That’s the great headline and subhead for Kristin van Ogtrop’s essay in the July 21, 2014, issue of Time magazine. The editor of Real Simple magazine, van Ogrop confirms a message that Fayteen and I agree with completely.

“Everyone wants to be better at something. Right?” van Ogtrop says. “Wasn’t this very country founded 238 years ago on the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of flat abs? I dare you name someone who does not want flat abs. And yet they are so difficult to attain, unless you are an Olympic swimmer or under the age of 10.

“This is the problem with self-help generally: real change is hard.”

Change is difficult. As Fayteen and I explain on our website, we are “frustrated with experts who try to tell people how to lose weight, raise their children and improve their marriages—and be a success—in 10 easy steps. In three weeks. In one book.

“Our self-help book The Resolute Woman and blog are for grownups—for women who know that there are no easy answers to life’s complex problems—that finding solutions requires some self-knowledge and self-searching and hard work.”

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