A book for Mother’s Day

I just remembered a delightful children’s book called The Mother’s Day Mice. It’s a story by Eve Bunting about three mice children who decide to look for a present for their mother.

One suggests a rock. Another suggests a daisy. “They’re nice, but not special enough for this special day,” says Little Mouse.

Finally, Biggest Mouse, Middle Mouse and Little Mouse find a wonderful present—a big strawberry. It takes all three of them to carry the strawberry back to their mother.

It’s a happy story. I love children’s books, and I love giving books to children. I just bought a copy of The Mother’s Day Mice for a child I know who is having a birthday, another for a child I know who has a new baby brother and a third for a child I am planning to visit.

I hope they will enjoy the story as much as I enjoy it.

As Beverly Cleary once said, “Children should learn that reading is pleasure, not just something that teachers make you do in school.”