Love your neighbor

I am deeply disturbed by the hateful words I have been hearing on the news. That’s why I ordered a t-shirt with this message. “Love your neighbor—your black, brown, white, immigrant, disabled, religiously different, LGBTQ, fully human neighbor.” –Joy

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Make up your mind

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be,” Abraham Lincoln once said. I found that quote in a gift shop during my recent trip to Maine. –Joy

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Advice from nature

“Wisdom branches from a tree,” suggests the Your True Nature company, which made my “Advice from a Lobster” t-shirt. And, here’s more advice from Your True Nature. • Inspiration flows from a stream. • The blueberry says: Be well-rounded. • The horse says: Be stable However, I like the advice “Wisdom branches from a tree” […]

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No cell service

While we were in Maine, my daughter sent us a text message with a photo of our dog, Ginger—who was happy staying with Mary Elizabeth. She didn’t miss us at all. I tried to reply, but I was in a cabin on a lake with lousy cell service. I finally wrote: “I have not had […]

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Advice from a lobster

“Don’t be shellfish,” proclaims my “Advice from a Lobster” t-shirt from Maine. I followed that advice while we were on vacation—except when I was eating my blueberry pie. I was selfish when I picked the biggest piece. My lobster t-shirt also suggests: • Don’t get yourself in hot water. • Be a good catch. • […]

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Lobster news from Maine

I learned a lot about lobsters during my recent trip to Maine. • A lobster has an average life span of 50 years. • It takes a lobster four to seven years to grow to be one pound in weight. • A female lobster lays from several thousand to 100,000 eggs at one time. Only […]

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A little chilly

It was 100 degrees in Dallas the day before we flew to Maine. I smiled as I packed my L.L. Bean long underwear and flannel pajamas, and I wore both to keep warm at night in the bed in our unheated cabin on a lake. And, every morning when I crawled out from under my […]

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Nothing to do

I hurried to get ready for a trip to Maine. I had a long list of things to do before we left, including lunch with a friend and invitations to a birthday party. I got almost everything done and arrived at a cabin in the woods ready to sit by the lake, go hiking and […]

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Keep traveling

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page,” advises a notecard from Fly Paper Products. I found that notecard recently while on a trip to Maine. –Joy

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Very rigorous challenges

In 1993, President Bill Clinton talked about the challenges our country faces. We are engaged, he said, in “a new race, the race to compete in a world that is getting smaller, more diverse, but very, very rigorous in its challenges.” I found that quote in a museum in Los Alamos, New Mexico. –Joy

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