Just 150 minutes a week

Keep exercising.The experts advise spending 150 minutes a week taking a brisk walk—or doing some other kind of moderate intensity aerobic exercise. Plus, they advise us to do twice-weekly muscle strengthening. Research “paper after paper after paper shows that the most effective, potent way we can improve life and duration of life is exercise,” says […]

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The surprises of the day

While I was in Washington state, I watched the sun go down while I ate a Fanny Bay oyster at a wonderful restaurant next to a river. The menu described the oyster this way: “Firm meat, mild brine, cucumber finish.” It was served with a lemon and a grapefruit mignonette, and it was amazing. This […]

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When to be kind

“Be kind whenever possible,” says the Dalai Lama. “It is always possible.” When I was in Washington state recently, I discovered wise words in a number of places—a large independent bookstore, a small antique shop and even in the airport. I found this quote at Village Books in Bellingham. –Joy

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Women must be revolutionaries

Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American congresswoman, ran for president in 1972. She was “the most historically significant forerunner to Hillary Clinton,” says Marc Morial, the president and CEO of the National Urban League. Chisholm hired only women for her campaign staff, and half of those women were African Americans. “Of my two handicaps, being female […]

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Agree to disagree

My friend Kerry, a Methodist minister, reminded me where the term “agree to disagree” comes from. In her church’s online newsletter, Kerry attributes the phrase to John Wesley, the first Methodist, and his friend George Whitfield. Wesley wrote in a letter to his brother Charles, “If you agree with me, well. If not, we can […]

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What makes life so sweet

I’m back from a trip to Bellingham, Washington, where I visited my friends Mark and Eva and also to Winthrop Washington, where I attended Elizabeth and Brooke’s wedding. I looked forward to the trip for months. I had a splendid time, and now I have many happy memories. As Emily Dickinson once wrote, “That it […]

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Small things

When I read about Mother Teresa being named a saint, I remembered one of my favorite quotes. “Not all of us can do great things. Bu we can do small things with great love,” Mother Teresa said. She also said: * Peace begins with a smile.” * “If you judge people, you have no time […]

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The cure for boredom

My daughter, Mary Elizabeth, and I were standing in line at the Southwest counter in Seattle when I noticed this quote on a woman’s tote bag. “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is not a cure for curiosity.” I checked online, and the quote can be attributed to Dorothy Parker or Ellen Parr. –Joy

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My family is growing

While I was visiting our friends Mark and Eva in Bellingham, Washington, I thought about this fact: Sometimes friends seem like family. And, how wonderful that is! My family expands when I move a friend from the very-good-friend category to the almost-like-family category. –Joy

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If men had babies

I found a card in an antique shop in Bellingham, Washington, and I couldn’t resist buying it for my friend Kathleen, who is supposed to have her second baby before the end of the month. The card shows a funky illustration of two men—one is sitting behind a desk and talking—and the other is wearing […]

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