Created equal

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men and women are created equal.” Those are words of wisdom from Elizabeth Cady Stanton, suffragist and abolitionist, who died in 1902.

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A joyful resting place

We long to be at home in the world, Norman Wirzba once wrote. “Our failure—as evidenced in flights to virtual worlds and the growing reliance on ‘life enhancing’ drugs, antidepressants, antacids and stress management techniques—suggests a pervasive unwillingness or inability to make this world a home, to find our places and communities, our bodies and […]

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Carve out moments of peace

It’s easy to be silent and still on a silent retreat. However, after I finished my silent retreat, I soon found, of course, that it’s more difficult to slow down after I’ve looked at my daily to-do list. I have to carve out moments of peace during each day. I remember what Thoreau once wrote: […]

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Content with silence

I found this short poem by Ansel Adams during the silent retreat I attended recently. When words become unclear, I shall focus on photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. –Joy

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I went on a six-hour silent retreat at the Blue Spring Retreat Center in Richardson. I didn’t talk for hours—except when I puzzled over the box lunch choices from Jimmy John’s and a woman finally asked me if I wanted a turkey sandwich. “Sure,” I said. I sat in a large room at the lodge […]

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Equal in politics?

Most people see women as equal to men in politics, The Dallas Morning News reported in its March, 30, 2019, issue. An all-time high of 84 percent of Americans think women are just as suited emotionally for politics as men. That’s according to the General Social Survey, which has been measuring view of gender and […]

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Talk and talk and talk

What can we do to help rid our own communities of the shame surrounding menstruation? That’s the question that Megan Lierley, managing editor of the blog Blood and Milk, asks Anna Dahlqvist, author of It’s Only Blood. “Talk and talk and talk,” Dahlqvist answers. “For me, it took the longest time to even say the […]

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A sign they’re ready to marry

Anna Dahlqvist, author of It’s Only Blood, talked to girls in Kenya, and they explained that the first period is seen as a sign that they’re ready to marry. Then, the girls asked Dahlqvist how they could hide their period so that they could delay marriage. “What happens when menstrual shame clashes with poverty?” Dahlqvist […]

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Cockroaches and other insects

In Bangladesh, women take a fistful of joot—the small leftover pieces of fabric that end up on the floor of textile factories—and push it down their panties,” reports Anna Dahlqvist in her book It’s Only Blood. The joot is like a hothouse for bacteria, fungi and mold. Moreover, there are cockroaches and other insects crawling […]

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The shame of menstruation

Because of the shame associated with menstruation, students in Malawi reported that they dry their menstrual protection under their matresses. When they have no water, unwashed cloth, hardened by dried blood is reused. This dirty and moist menstrual protection is a breeding ground for bacteria, writes Anna Dahlqvist in her book It’s Only Blood. “Many […]

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