Avoid fashion magazines?

Three out of four teenage girls feel worse about themselves after spending just three minutes with a fashion magazine.

“The media is sending a dangerous message to our youth about what kinds of bodies are or aren’t acceptable,” leaders of The Representation Project stressed in a recent email newsletter.

Those dangerous messages affect not only our youth, but also women like us, too. Most of us feel worse when we compare our bodies to the unrealistic, perfect, skinny bodies of movie stars and magazine models.

Here are some disturbing facts.
* About 24 million people in the United States struggle with an eating disorder. (And, many more women—normal, average women like you and me—have issues with food.)
* Nearly 60 percent of elementary school girls are worried about their weight or becoming “too fat.”
* More than 50 percent of college-age girls say they feel social pressure to maintain a certain size.

Fayteen and I both struggle with losing a few pounds, but we remind ourselves that our goal is to be healthy. Our goal is not to be unrealistic, perfect, skinny like the models we see in magazines.

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