A year of organized living

Who could resist a headline like this? “A year of organized living—life skills, strategies and advice to make every day easier”

I didn’t resist. I am embarrassed to admit that I read that headline on a magazine that I found while waiting in line at the grocery store, and then I bought the January issue of “Real Simple.” I am embarrassed to admit that I paid $4.99 for it. I am embarrassed because I knew that I was not going to find the secret to organizing my life and making every day easier in one issue of a magazine.

As a Resolute Woman, I know that there are no easy answers to complex problems.

After we had put up the groceries, my husband picked up the magazine, flipped through it and asked, “Where’s the article about organizing your life?”

We found the article on pages 96 to 101. The subhead explained, “This month’s challenge: The kitchen.” The entire article is about kitchen clutter and chaos.

I wish there were simple answers to life’s complex problems. There aren’t. We all know that finding answers requires hard work. But we know that each of us can find her own answers—answers that work for you—if you’re resolute.

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