A valid nugget or two

I just finished reading Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New Mind—Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future.

I liked it. I really liked Pink’s assessment of “peddlers of the savior theory” in the beginning of the book. Pink lists peddlers of “right-brain cooking and right-brain dieting, right-brain investing and right-brain accounting, right-brain jogging and right-brain horseback riding.”

His conclusion: “These books, products and seminars often contain a valid nugget or two—but in general they are positively foolish.”

Pink’s book is not foolish. It’s interesting, and it contains more than a valid nugget or two. But I have been thinking about his concept of a nugget or two. It’s a good one. As Fayteen and I have said before, no book or seminar or wise person can offer an easy solution to complicated problems. However, we often find a nugget or two that’s helpful when we read a book or attend a seminar or talk to a wise person.

We’ll share a couple of nuggets from Daniel Pink in future blog posts.


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