We all have texture

Jeannette Walls, the best-selling author of The Glass Castle, told the audience at a recent benefit for The Stewpot about dating a man from a family of privilege.

When she revealed to him that she has burn scars from a childhood accident, he said: “Don’t ever apologize for your scars. They show you survived.” Walls is now married to that man—writer John Taylor.

When she told that story to another audience, a woman came up to her after her speech and emphasized that no one has completely smooth skin without scars. “There is no such thing as smooth,” she said. “Silk looks smooth, but, if you look close enough at silk, you will see that it has texture. We all have texture.”

Walls concluded: “It’s okay to have scars.”

You might want to read our first blog post about this author—Jeannette Walls shares her secrets.  We’ll write more about Jeannette Walls’ books in future blog posts.

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