What kind of supporting actress are you?

I couldn’t resist buying the little book with a bright yellow cover—The Power of Nice—How to Conquer the Business World with Kindness by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval.

It wasn’t a very nice reaction, but I immediately thought of a number of people who might learn something from reading The Power of Nice. I am sure you could think of a few, too.

But the book is a reminder that we all need to remember to be a little nicer.

“Most of us don’t mean to be inconsiderate,” Thaler and Koval conclude. “We’re just so busy starring in our own movie that we forget that everyone else is starring in theirs. That’s why it’s extremely important to see yourself as others do—as the supporting actor in their movie.”

These authors suggest that you think about all of the people in your life, and ask yourself what kind of character you’re playing in their movie.

* Are you the loving, doting grown daughter or the distracted, absentee one?

* Are you the office troubleshooter or the drama queen?

* Are you the supportive friend or the needy one?


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