If you need help, get it

We’ve suggested that you try talking to someone in your family or a friend when you’re struggling with a problem and don’t seem to be making progress.

Talking to someone who cares about you and will listen can help. Often, that’s all the help you need. But, I want to add something to that suggestion. If you’ve talked to a friend or a family member and you still haven’t solved your problem, you may need to talk to a professional counselor.

I’ve worked as a counselor for 30 years, and I’ve talked to many people who just needed a few sessions with a professional to help them gain some insight into their issues. They needed someone to help them get over a “hump.”

I also have had problems myself and dealt with depression. When I was involved in a business that went bankrupt, I became very depressed. I was irrationally assuming that I was responsible for the failure, but a psychiatrist helped me see that others, too, were involved in the business and I didn’t have to assume all of the responsibility. He helped me realize that I wasn’t a failure. I was just involved in a business that had failed.

Also, if you’re seeing a counselor and you’re not making progress, you’re not feeling better and you’re not gaining insight into your issues, you may need to consider seeing another counselor. If you do, it doesn’t mean that you’ve been going to a “bad” counselor. It just means that not every counselor and every client are a good fit.


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